Andrew Winters: Operations Director  

Andrew Winters

Operations Director


Andrew Winters is the co-founder and Operations Director at Stirling Connections. He is a passionate and skilled digital technology professional. Andrew believes the online space provides a platform for people to connect and access opportunities that may not be otherwise available to them. 

Andrew initially began his studies in information technology back when social media wasn’t a thing and people chatted in text based chat rooms. He later returned to university to complete a Bachelor of Business. After spending a number of years working in logistics management, customer service management and leading teams in data integrity he decided to return to his original roots. Although Andrew had maintained a strong interest in the digital area and his ongoing professional development he decided to return to formalised training to complete a Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing.

 Andrew has managed client accounts and digital campaigns with a digital marketing agency, and gained experience in account management with a number of Australian companies. More recently Andrew has decided to put his skills to good use in a field that he is passionate about. Andrew is excited about using digital mediums to link individuals with an amazing team of highly qualified health professionals. Andrew’s experience has led him to realise the importance of investing in your team and creating flexible, supportive working environments.

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