Online Psychologist

The Opportunity

We are looking for Clinical Psychologists / Counselling Psychologists / Health Psychologists / Community Psychologists / Forensic Psychologists / Psychologists to join our newly established psychology practice online. We are looking for psychologists with an interest in perinatal mental health, couples counselling, women’s mental health, LGBTIA+, men’s mental health.  

This position is available to psychologists online, creating the opportunity for you to work from a location of your choice. Alternatively, if you are wanting a balance of working online and from our Mornington Peninsula practice you are more than welcome to spend some time at Stirling Psychology, where our support team are located. There is also the potential to be involved in workshops and retreats.

Part-time or Full-time available.


What We Offer

Connection and Community

We know you want to work somewhere that has the utmost professionalism but where people aren’t afraid to have a laugh! We know you want to feel connected to the people you work with. A place where everyone is working towards the same common goals and supporting each other in achieving their parts of that. We value the importance of social connection. You will enjoy regular opportunities to connect with your peers through online mediums and face-to-face social events.

Autonomy and Flexibility

We carefully select the people we work with because our culture is important to us. We want you to have the autonomy to thrive but also know that support is there in the ways you need it. We aim to be flexible in the ways that you need, to support you to live your best life. You will enjoy full autonomy over your calendar, choose the hours you work. You could do 2 sessions in the morning go the gym, come home and do another 3 sessions. If you have young children you may want to save on childcare by doing a couple of sessions at night, it is entirely up to you.

Director and Support Team

You will have a regular one-on-one catch up with our Clinical Director to assist with any clinical support needs. Our warm, caring and highly skilled support team are available to assist you and meet any needs as they arise. Our support team are our cultural ambassadors. They create a warm and welcoming environment for our clients and our team, they drive opportunities for connection, they are kind and compassionate and inject joy and laughter into the everyday.

Peer Support and Professional Development

In addition to support from our Director and Support Team, we facilitate peer supervision, team meetings with our support team and professional development opportunities. We also provide a comprehensive on-boarding process and an informal buddy system for new team members. We value learning and connection, we are committed to providing opportunities through online mediums but also believe that face to face connection is invaluable. One of the things we are most proud of is our annual professional development retreat.

Recognition & Remuneration

We offer competitive remuneration, including an annual professional development allowance.  We value loyalty and you will enjoy increasing financial remuneration the longer you are part of our team.  We offer flexible, transparent non-restrictive contractor arrangements.

About You

You are looking for a practice with a difference to call home, an organisation that genuinely prioritises organisational culture and creating an enjoyable workplace.

You are warm, compassionate and engaging. You seek out authentic connection with your colleagues.

You are committed to your ongoing professional development and welcome opportunities to learn.

You are professional, adopt an individualised, integrativeevidence-based approach and seek positive outcomes for your clients.

You believe everyone has the capacity for change and can find the balance between meeting a client where they are at and challenging with kindness and compassion.

You bring kindness and hope to your interactions and appreciate the importance of joy and humor.

You hold full psychology registration and have completed postgraduate training (Masters, Doctorate or Phd). Preferably you will also have an interest in one of the following areas: women’s mental health, men’s mental health, perinatal mental health, couples therapy, or careers counselling


We have created a boutique practice that we love working in. A warm, authentic, supportive environment, where we have the utmost professionalism but aren't afraid to have a laugh. We established ourselves on the Mornington Peninsula because we are committed to creating a life we love.

Stirling Connections aims to offer our team the flexibility to live the life they want. Perhaps you want to work from home with young children, travel around Australia, or you are looking for flexibility to build session hours around the things you enjoy - a yoga session, morning at the beach, time with family, or catching up with friends.

We emphasise building a great culture as we believe if you create a great place to work you attract the best people and in turn the highest quality care for our clients.

Dr Katie Stirling

Practice Founder


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