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“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship”


Immerse Yourself

Retreats offer an opportunity to escape from day to day distractions, to rejuvenate and inspire transformation. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time and head space to integrate new insights and skills we have learnt in weekly couples therapy. Retreats offer the opportunity to prioritise our health and wellbeing, to immerse ourselves and begin to make real changes .

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Couples Retreat on the Beautiful Mornington Peninsula

Our preferred way to do relationship counselling is an intensive format. Mornington Peninsula Couples Retreats offer an intensive form of therapy designed to assist couples to rapidly move through their gridlocked areas of conflict and to build connection in their relationship. This process will assist couples in de-escalating conflict so that they can begin to re-build their relationship and improve intimacy and connection.

Mornington Peninsula Couples Retreats are offered from our Mornington practice, Stirling Psychology. You can either come into our rooms each day or we can offer relationship therapy from the comfort of your accommodation. After your day’s session you may want to soak in the relaxing Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs, explore the peninsula on horseback or visit the stunning Mornington Peninsula coastline. The Mornington Peninsula has so much to offer couples, whether you are wanting a 5 star dining experience, a relaxed lunch at one of our many award winning wineries, surfing on one of the back beaches, or paddle boarding on the bay.

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Tailored Retreats

Are you looking to invest in your relationship or marriage? Do you want an immersive experience tailored to your individual needs? Are you looking for one-on-one intensive support from a highly skilled Psychologist and Couples Therapist? Are you craving opportunities to relax and rejuvenate; spend quality time with your partner in an elegant romantic setting? Or perhaps you want a more active retreat filled with exploration and adventure? We welcome the opportunity to create an individualised retreat package for you.

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